Fall workshop on nonlinear and nonlocal PDEs

Plenary talk

Leapfrogging for Euler equations

Monica Musso

 Mo, 15:50in  Room 520for  50min

We consider the Euler equations for incompressible fluids in 3-dimension. A classical question that goes back to Helmholtz is to describe the evolution of vorticities with a high concentration around a curve. The work of Da Rios in 1906 states that such a curve must evolve by the so-called “binormal curvature flow”. Existence of true solutions whose vorticity is concentrated near a given curve that evolves by this law is a long-standing open question that has only been answered for the special case of a circle travelling with constant speed along its axis, the thin vortex-rings. In this talk I will discuss the construction of helical filaments, associated to a translating-rotating helix, and of two vortex rings interacting between each other, the so-called leapfrogging. The results are in collaboration with J. Davila (U. of Bath), M. del Pino (U. of Bath) and J. Wei (U. of British Columbia).

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